Conquest accelerator pedal DJ254

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Conquest accelerator pedal DJ254

Post by migray » Mon Aug 13, 2018 7:36 am

Many thanks to bakergh who helped me out when my accelerator pedal broke. The pivot end came apart in 4 pieces and the mounting bracket wouldn't come apart to remove the pin.

The attached picture shows the replacement (top) and the old pedal. However the old one had an extension bracket on which the ball pin is fitted, whereas the replacement had the pin fitted directly in the pedal (as shown in the manual but with the pin in the upper hole). I have transferred the bracket over but wondered if anyone knew if this was a common fitting, the parts book doesn't show it. Presumably I would have to change the linkage lengths if the bracket wasn't used?

Importantly I am mobile again, the forum really does help keep our cars on the road.


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