SP250 having the cylinder heads skimmed

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SP250 having the cylinder heads skimmed

Post by Zbigmak » Sat Oct 13, 2018 10:00 pm

Can any one tell me when having the cylinder heads skimmed can one still use the original thickness head gaskets or is a thicker gasket required?

John Chatfield
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Re: SP250 having the cylinder heads skimmed

Post by John Chatfield » Sun Oct 14, 2018 9:13 pm

Hi G. This depends on how much you have skimmed off your heads, I am skimming 0.004" off mine and have had the block re-engineered to be bang on front to back and both banks the same height, so taking a few tho. off the block too, takes a very good engineer and a very reliable flat bed. I will be fitting a standard head gasket of thin shim steel, Barry Thorne is making enquiries in to having thicker head gaskets made, John Nash of dec also has o/s head gaskets for sale on e-bay. F W Thornton has head shims available which are stainless steel head savers (fit to the head with blue Hylomar jointing compound THINLY and very EVENLY spread over the head) and fit the standard gasket, all the above depends on if you want slightly higher comp.ratio. and if you are after exhaust emisions limitations, performance etc,etc. I'm no guru but I am learning so much more lately by being taught by an old school engineer who has built an engine to go to Singapore which had performance/emotions limitations to adhere too, it passed those with better than modern Mercedes results so I have a good teacher to listen too. :) :geek:

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