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intermittent no start.

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Joined: Thu Feb 25, 2016 8:47 pm

Re: intermittent no start.

Post by lioneleast »

That's interesting. I have just checked my 1964 V8 saloon and find that it starts in both P & N without pressing the brake pedal or having the hand brake on. Maybe this safety feature was brought in on later cars.



Christopher Storey
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Re: intermittent no start.

Post by Christopher Storey »

It's not a safety feature that I have ever encountered. Someone has been interfering with the wiring on the car concerned, possibly because at some stage the inhibitor switch failed

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Re: intermittent no start.

Post by Tennant »

That is interesting. Anything is possible on older cars. You may be right because I think I can start with brake pedal pressed but in gear.
Where can I find the Inhibitor Switch please?


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Re: intermittent no start.

Post by Soundmike »

The inhibitor switch is on the left side of the gearbox, quite tricky to get at. (It is round with 4 wires on it). It incorporates both the start inhibit switch and the reverse light switch. If it only starts with the brakes depressed, it must be wired incorrectly! The switch has a push rod activated by the gearbox, an internal slip ring connects either the inhibit or reverse light contacts, nothing to do with the brakes. It has a locknut and must be adjusted to the correct position on the gearbox. Best to check adjustment with a meter or test light. The switch can be dismantled and repaired, the O ring lets oil leak into the contact area, clean & retension the contacts, replace the O ring and recheck, or buy a new switch!

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