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SP250 engine timing

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SP250 engine timing

Post by wadams »

Hi All
Can anyone advise me of what the strobe timing figure should be at 700rpm please?

David S
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Re: SP250 engine timing

Post by David S »

Russ Carpenter posted this on the 'Old Forum' ages ago:

there was never any strobe settings for this distributer, that is because it has what I describe as cranking advance.
As you start the engine the timing advances 6,8,or 10 degrees (dependant on what distributer is fitted) so the idle advance ends up 16, 18, or 20 degrees so if you strobe time it, it will be retarded. The normal proceedure when ther is no strobe timing settings is to default to the static timing mark with vacuum disconnected. In the case of the Daimler V8 this won't work, so statictiming has to be used. once you've set that then you can fit a timing light and get a strobe setting which can be used for future. this is of course if you don't have the problem you have with jumping timing marks with the strobe.

He also said this to me and am sure he'd be happy for me to pass it on...
Backfiring and possible rough idling can be caused by retarded ignition. It also can create bad hot starting.
A little quick setting trick I sometimes use is start engine bring rev's up to 3500 revs, slacken distributor clamp, turn distributor clockwise (looking down on the top) until the engine runs rough, then back it back until the engine just runs smooth. This should give you something very near the correct timing including any wear there might be

And lastly, I found this about Daimler Ignition timing in a Crypton "Engine Test and Tune-up Data” book date 1964

Engine RPM 460 timing is 0 + 10 static = 10
800 rpm 1 to 6 = 11 to 16
1800 rpm 14 to 18 = 24 to 28
5000 rpm 21 to 25 = 31 to 35

Hope some of that is more helpful than confusing!

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Re: SP250 engine timing

Post by silverdart »

I spoke to Russ Carpenter Years ago and he told me to set the static timing to 10deg. BTC.
I did this and both of my Darts start easily, perform well and give good m.p,g.
This is with original ignition set up.


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