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Just bought an LA10 - Help needed!

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Just bought an LA10 - Help needed!

Post by TailGunSam »

Hi all!

I have just bought an LA10 and I am wondering if you can help!

As I have done with previous classics, I am replacing the spark plugs etc in the engine. The car has been stood for about a decade (at best guess) before I got it, and the petrol tank had rusted. This is all clean now but i am seeing a misfire problem.

I have a manual for it, but its stamped 'Master Copy' and gives no indication of what I should set spark plugs/distributor rotor arm/etc at. Can someone help??

Kind regards,


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Re: Just bought an LA10 - Help needed!

Post by JT7196 »

Good morning Sam , welcome to the “Forum”
Spark Plug gap 0.020
Contact gap 0.012
Maybe a good idea to do a compression check, your engine may have a sticking Valve as it’s been standing for some time.
If one has stuck, try lubricating the Valve Stem with something like WD40, then gently tap the Rocker Arm with a Soft Faced Hamer, this may free up the sticking Valve.
Also check Distributor Cap for any signs of Cracking or Tracking, also worth checking the Plug Leads, and if fitted, the Plug Caps.
Another “rarer” cause of a Miss-Fire is a bent Distributor Drive Shaft, you can check this by setting the Contact Points to the correct dimensions mentioned above, then turn the Engine over to the next Lobe and check to see if it Gap alters, do this for each Lobe, hopefully, any variation in the Contact gap will be very minimal .

Quite a long list , but may assist you in sorting that miss-fire.

Could you send me the following details for your Lanchester please:-

Date of 1st Registration ,
Reg No,
Chassis No,
Engine No,
Body Type, I.e. Saloon, Coup’e etc,
Body/ Interior Colour/s
And of course your contact details please.

Send to :- alan.wheatley63@ gmail.com

Best wishes Al. ( DLOC Registrar) 😀

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