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DJ252 hood mechanism

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DJ252 hood mechanism

Post by Geoff »

Does anyone know what fluid to use in the hydraulic system for raising and lowering the hood of a DJ252. The manual lists Red Jackall fluid, but this is obviously no longer available. I have been in touch with Morris Oils in Shrewsbury and they suggest their Golden film SAE20. Has anyone used any other fluid in this system or have any other suggestions?

Simon Hyslop
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Re: DJ252 hood mechanism

Post by Simon Hyslop »

Jackall jacks were fitted to a number of Nuffield cars and at one time I had the misfortune to own a Y type thus fitted - BEU 75. The recommendation in the MG circles as to what to use in place of red Jackall fluid is either motorcycle fork oi l (10W) or red ATF fluid, the latter sort of replicating the red fluid. I think I've seen more recommendations for the fork oil than for the ATF but that might just have been items I've landed upon. A chap called John Lawson wrote the sort of definitive book on Y types and that's what he recommends for a fairly safety critical application so I'd hope it could be a safe bet for a power hood.

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