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1950 DB18 Handbrake Cable Snapped

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1950 DB18 Handbrake Cable Snapped

Post by Hedgie »

Hi All,
The handbrake cable on my 1950 DB18 DHC has snapped. I've bought a new one and have just had a quick look under the car to see where it connects, but didn't see much.

I also had a look at the attached diagram from David Beale's the DB18 Workshop Manual, which gives me a better idea at what's what.

I was wondering, before I jack the car up and get underneath, if anyone has a better diagram or guide to help me in this job. In particular whether there are any gotchas to look out for.

Thanks in advance

DB18 Mechanical Braking System.jpg

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Re: 1950 DB18 Handbrake Cable Snapped

Post by qantasqf1 »

Tony, if memory serves you don’t need to climb under the car. If you remove the floor panel all will be revealed.

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Re: 1950 DB18 Handbrake Cable Snapped

Post by DW1900 »

I happen to have the floor out of my sports special, which I guess is similar to yours. I can confirm that you can not get the the cable that way, it bust be from below the car.

Hope that this is useful.

Regards Dave W

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