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SP250 front damper and spring removal

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SP250 front damper and spring removal

Post by Jez »

Most of the bushes in the front suspension appear to be past their best, and the spring has been noted as corroded in an MoT advisory, so it's time for a refresh. I've decided to go with Superflex poly bushes as they seem to do all the necessary parts.
Looking at the manual, for removal of the front dampers it suggests raising the car, removing the wheel and then unbolting the lower rebound rubber and bracket from the chassis. From my understanding, once the car is jacked up the spring pushes the lower wishbone against the rebound rubber, which makes removal unwise at best.
Am I missing something? It looks like to remove the rubber then it will be necessary to put a jack under the disc or outer part of the wishbone to take the spring load away from the rebound rubber, although I'd prefer a better way of securing the spring. I don't think there is room for my regular spring compressors, and removing the spring according to the manual has a first step of removing the damper!
Cheers - jez
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Re: SP250 front damper and spring removal

Post by RadfordJim »

How about a heavy duty ratchet strap?
My trusty garage service man used one to retain the spring compression when he undid the lower wishbone to correct the castor angle last year.
Seemed to work a treat!
Good luck - Jim
Jim in Coventry - Home of the Daimler

Big Col
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Re: SP250 front damper and spring removal

Post by Big Col »

I seem to remember a trolley jack worked well enough for me.
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Re: SP250 front damper and spring removal

Post by daimlersteve »

Two lengths of running thread 8mm /5/16 120mm long . double nut one end. replace the centre spring plate bolts with these jack up on the hub. remove all other bolts -- start with the inner two on the spring plate. The shock will top out making the removal safe Wind down the threads evenly --- no problem -- replace in the reverse order.

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