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V8-250 Saloon: No Oil Pressure

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V8-250 Saloon: No Oil Pressure

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I was having a very interesting chat with the owner of a Daimler V8-250 saloon the other week who relayed a story regarding an issue he had not being able to get an oil pressure reading after doing a straight forward annual oil change.

He had taken the car for a run before draining the oil hot and in fact left it overnight as he usually does, along with removing the oil filter - he has the spin-on conversion.

On filling the new oil filter and the engine with a quality oil, he was alarmed to find that he was not registering any oil pressure. He carried out the usual checks and all appeared to be fine, with no leaks and correct amount of oil.

Even spinning the engine over with plugs removed, fuel pump disconnected and LT lead removed, he could not get any pressure for some considerable time.

In the end, he did get oil pressure but as you can imagine he was becoming very concerned especially as he had never experienced this before. He pointed out that the car always has good oil pressure during drive and idle.

The conclusion he came too, was that draining the hot oil overnight with the oil filter removed had caused a vacuum within the oil pump (in essence it had literally sucked the oil out) and when he refilled the engine this produced an airlock - as such the oil pump could not pick-up oil and build the pressure.

I am aware that this is a known problem with Rover P6 V8 owners, purely due to the design of that engine and placement of the oil pump therein.

The owner of said Daimler (still in a state of shock !!) has now decided in future, to drain the oil only with it being warm and change the filter after refilling the engine with new oil.

He has not tried the new process and as such cannot comment.

I flag the above, in case any Daimler V8 owners have experienced this type issue before and if so, I would be interested to hear this.

Many thanks.


1968 Daimler V8-250 Saloon
DLOC East Sussex Area Representative.

Southern Classics Society Events Co-ordinator.

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