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Billy Joel Gets the Car of His Dreams

Hooper Daimlers & other pre-Jaguar post-war Daimlers sub-forum.
Cars in motoring holidays, racing, at functions like marriages, in museums, etc. Photos not applicable to technical, sale or event forums.
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Billy Joel Gets the Car of His Dreams

Post by #100910 »

Billy Joel Gets the Car of His Dreams in Velocity’s ‘Unique Rides’ Season 3
Filmed at Joel’s shop in Oyster Bay, the Grammy winner’s episode shows his 1962 Jaguar Mark II getting a serious audio upgrade.

Chief Geek
Chief Geek
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Re: Billy Joel Gets the Car of His Dreams

Post by grahamemmett »

So he’s put a Daimler grill on a Mk2 Jag?
I think I’ll tell Marketing about that as it sounds like an idea.
Graham Emmett
Northwich, Cheshire
Joint DB18 Registrar (with Marcel Renshaw)
DB18 1949 LCV522 (Yes that one with the P100s)

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Re: Billy Joel Gets the Car of His Dreams

Post by Petelang »

That's kind of reverse "Badge engineering" if ever you saw.
The old boss of Jaguar would be most alarmed.
Peter Langridge
Cloud Nine Classic Weddings, Nottingham.

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