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Daimler bus at Shadwell 1914

Hooper Daimlers & other pre-Jaguar post-war Daimlers sub-forum.
Cars in motoring holidays, racing, at functions like marriages, in museums, etc. Photos not applicable to technical, sale or event forums.
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Daimler bus at Shadwell 1914

Post by John-B »

A Daimler bus at Shadwell sent by Denise Trickett of the Shadwell Local History Society.

She says "The photo is of the Moortown bus at the Shadwell bus terminus at Old Brandon Lane 1914. The driver was Mr Warburton, and the children are from the Heweson, Sheard and Todd families. The village shop is in the background and a small part of the present day Fish and Chip shop is just visible on the left. The bus route was extended to Ash Hill Drive in 1969, where the bus terminus is today.

Big Col
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Re: Daimler bus at Shadwell 1914

Post by Big Col »

Even at the low speeds achieved in the day, I wonder if the amount of tilt when cornering made for an exciting or frightening ride. The centre of gravity does appear high.
As a Leeds lad it nice to see the photo.
I may be slow but I’m rough as well !

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