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Are garages open for repairs and MOTs?

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Are garages open for repairs and MOTs?

Post by John-B »

Are garages open for repairs and MOTs? I think all will be closed near me. I suspect that I will have to drive my car without an MOT to hospital soon. Will insurance companies and the police relax regulations?

Warsash 2
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Re: Are garages open for repairs and MOTs?

Post by Warsash 2 »

If you look on the BBC web site it gives information on the MOT and garage situation as it stands at this time. Or you could go in a classic which is exempt.


Stan Thomas
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Re: Are garages open for repairs and MOTs?

Post by Stan Thomas »

Why do you say "insurance companies"? Your car of course must be insured - but if you say it in the context of being deemed uninsured for not having an M.O.T. then it is an insurance cop-out.

If you were invoved in an accident it would still remain necessary for an insurance company to field evidence that your car was unroadworthy, and the absence of a current M.O.T. cerificate alone would not prevent you pressing a claim.

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Re: Are garages open for repairs and MOTs?

Post by Sydsmith »

I think this is an issue the BJ team are working on, or so they said on BBC1 just after a 5pm news conference earlier this week. I suspect there will be some relaxation of the rules short term as per exempt classics shortly.

In the mean time, it must surely still be an offence to drive a car on the road without a current MOT, in which case as I understand it your insurance is void. Syd

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Re: Are garages open for repairs and MOTs?

Post by Brian-H »

Near where I live, the Halfords MOT centre is open and looked busy (but the store is shut)

I just called Kwik Fit, they are open too.

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Re: Are garages open for repairs and MOTs?

Post by johnwager »

Been announced today that there will be a 6 month exemption for MOT from March 30th to allow people to carry on with essential travel.

Norfolk Lad
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Re: Are garages open for repairs and MOTs?

Post by Norfolk Lad »

So then every MOT will come all at once how will they cope then !! , this is turning into a mess that will last far beyond the date when normal life returns.
This means those cars badly maintained will still be driving around, lets be honest some have no idea how safe their car is or care.
Saying garages could open should help safety and stop breakdowns.

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