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Clayton Dewandre Servo Specialist

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Re: Clayton Dewandre Servo Specialist

Post by classiclife »

Hello Rolf,

Always up for a bit of sleuthing, I went through this Forum checking on Clayton Dewandre regarding your quest to locate such a specialist.

I found the following: Classic Brakes, Kenton, Devon, which was supplied by Ranald in February 2019 and he again updated on this particular thread. I believe this is the address you have been searching for and of course your recall that the location was Kent is actually Kenton in Devon.

It was in connection with brakes for a 20/27 hearse and it appears that the original enquirer had a positive result from the company.

Have attached the company link: http://www.classic-spares.co.uk/

Good luck and I hope the above assists.

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Rolf B.
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Re: Clayton Dewandre Servo Specialist

Post by Rolf B. »

Hello Richard,

thank you for your effort. This is the address I was looking for. Tuesday, May 05th Ranald has given a reply in this thread with the link to the website of Classic Spares in Kenton.

Unfortunately they can't help for parts for Clayton Dewandre servos. But meanwhile I'm in contact with Derek Sleigh and it could be possible he can help. Please assist me by crossing the fingers. ;)

Best regards

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