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How to replace a Rear Hub Oil Seal

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Extremely Wise Man
Extremely Wise Man
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How to replace a Rear Hub Oil Seal

Post by JT7196 »

]Procedure for replacing Rear Hub Oil Seal
Having already identified which side is leaking,
Jack up rear of vehicle, and secure using suitable Axle Stands.
Drain oil from axle and apply hand brake.
Mark position of Split Pin on the end of the Drive Shaft with some White Paint
Remove split pin, hub nut & flat washer, release hand brake de-adjust the brake shoe assy and remove brake drum.

NOTE ,Before using hub puller always refit hub nut on by 4 /5 turns for safety.
Remove hub assy using a suitable puller, this will expose the hub oil seal retainer.
The retainer is screwed onto the axle assy (R/H thread) and is locked in position
by a special extended nosed set screw (See picture)
Prior to removing the screw and oil seal retainer, mark position of screw
and retainer with white paint this will assist when refitting later

Next remove the old oil seal taking care not to damage surfaces in oil seal retainer.
Press home new oil seal, ensuring that it is fitted the correct way round!
Lubricate new oil seal prior to fitting the assy back onto vehicle..
Refit assy and tighten until white marks line up and refit locking screw.
Prior to refitting hub, ensure that there is no damage to sealing area.
Also pump some grease through grease nipple in hub to ensure that
the passageway to the hub bearing is not blocked
Refit hub assy back onto half shaft, refit flat washer, hub nut and retighten.
Fit new split pin, brake drum and re-adjust brake assy
Finally refill rear axle with correct grade of oil. (SAE 140) ... directlink

Cheers A'l

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