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Lanchester Pinion Oil Seal Replacement (LA models etc)

Descriptive and in-depth articles on how to do repairs or restoration. (Wilf's articles visible by forum members only).
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Extremely Wise Man
Extremely Wise Man
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Lanchester Pinion Oil Seal Replacement (LA models etc)

Post by JT7196 »

Hi Chaps ,here is my article on "How to Replace the RearAxle Pinion Oil Seal"

Method to replace a Pinion Oil Seal on Lanchester rear Axle

1 Jack up vehicle and place on axle stands

2 Firmly apply Handbrake

3 Drain oil from diff unit

4 Remove the four prop shaft retaining bolts from rear flange and secure prop shaft away from work area

4a Insert Two of the Prop Shaft retaining bolts back into the Drive Flange and refit a nut on each.
Before attempting to undo the Flange retaining nut ,place a suitable lever /Bar between the Two re-fitted Flange bolts to prevent it turning, this should also prevent any undue damage being caused to the Phosphor Bronze Worm Wheel

5 Remove split pin and flange retaining nut and remove drive flange.
*(Mark position of split pin hole with white paint across end of shaft, before you remove the retaining nut)

6 Remove the screws that retain the oil seal Housing and withdraw.

7 Remove coil spring, concave oil seal compression plate old oil seal, another concave retaining plate from housing and discard all of these components.

8 Measure the internal Diameter of oil seal retainer and note size
9 Measure external Diameter of sealing area of drive flange and note size.
9a You may wish to take both the Flange & the Housing to your local oil seal supplier and get them to measure them for you
10 Purchase new LIP SEAL type oil seal

11 Tap new seal into position (Flat side downwards) lightly lubricating sealing lip of seal with oil first
12 Make and fit a new paper gasket
13 Reassemble complete and refill with oil

14 Refit prop shaft etc

I'm afraid that I do not have a part No for the oil seal at the moment, but as explained in note 9a, you should not have a problem getting one.

Best wishes Alan

PS Will try and find the Oil Seal Pt no when I return to the UK

Lanchester LA10, 11,12/6,&14hp Registrar(DLOC)
Lanchester,a car for every occasion.

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Re: Lanchester Pinion Oil Seal Replacement (LA models etc)

Post by ghudson621 »

Really helpful article. Thanks

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