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Using molasses for rust removal

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Using molasses for rust removal

Post by Vengaburns »

Hi everyone,

I'm restoring a 1951 LD10 and I'm looking to save as much money as possible by doing the work myself where I can. I've seen lots of promising videos and discussions online, but I wanted to see if anyone in DLOC had any first hand experience of this rust removal technique.
I'm looking at buying a big wheelie bin off off eBay to put a 1/10 mix of Molasses and water to submerge the steel front end and rear wings.

Also interested in
Any other rust/ paint stripping products for steel that I'm unable to remove and submerge
Safe paint stripper for aluminium and primer to avoid corrosion.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Using molasses for rust removal

Post by Bud »

Seems that brake fluid still remains the universal paint destroyer.
Takes paint off most anything you do not want it removed from.
Cola syrups contains phosphoric acid which is also good for soaking off rust.

Peter Grant
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Re: Using molasses for rust removal

Post by Peter Grant »

Check that Consort restoration series on youtube. I think that a vinegar bath is used there to de-rust and clean components.

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Re: Using molasses for rust removal

Post by Pendle »

On the old forum about 2 years ago there was a lot of discussion regarding the use of molasses for rust removal. I'm not sure if the thread can be accessed. I have successfully used a molasses/water solution to remove rust from small hardware (nuts, bolts, washers, brackets). I left the parts to soak for about a week, and they came out clean. One warning which I have read regarding molasses/water solutions - don't soak aluminum alloy parts.
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Re: Using molasses for rust removal

Post by watkindj »

Yes it was discussed Here

and there is some more information on this topic Here
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Re: Using molasses for rust removal

Post by nkh763 »

Hi there,

Yes, molasses is great - slower than vinegar but removes all the rust it can reach. It doesn't seem to affect enamel-painted surfaces (not sure about acrylic)... a large wheelie bin can hold a lot of parts!


Stan Thomas
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Wise Man
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Re: Using molasses for rust removal

Post by Stan Thomas »

..................... But watch the binmen don't wheel it away whilst your parts are soaking!!!

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