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DB18 Camber Adjustment

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DB18 Camber Adjustment

Post by clevitt »

This article is written around the DB18, but the procedure could be adapted to other models.
The car should be parked on a level surface with the front wheels in the straight ahead position.
1) Use a 60 cm spirit level to establish a vertical reference line as close as possible to the wheel.
2) Measure the horizontal distances A and B: a micrometer capable of measuring internal dimensions is ideal; alternatively a steel rule can be used.
3) Roll the car forward and repeat the procedure several times over one rotation of the wheel. This helps minimise errors due to the wheel rim not being true around its circumference.
4) Measure the wheel diameter D.
5) Use the formula (A-B) x 60/D to calculate the camber angle in degrees.
For the DB18, the wheel diameter is 450mm and the required camber angle is between 1 and 1½ degrees positive. This equates to an A-B dimension between 7.5mm and 11mm. The camber angle can be adjusted by disconnecting the upper transverse link from the top of the stub axle carrier and turning its outer end. One full turn of the outer end changes the camber angle by approximately half a degree.

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Dave Glyde
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Re: DB18 Camber Adjustment

Post by Dave Glyde »

Hi Chris
I followed your procedure which was very quick and easy to do. Took all of about 10 minutes to measure camber angle both sides and double check.

Found near side had a camber angle of 2.6 degrees and off side to be about 0.2 degrees ! Further followed your article and adjusted camber to correct angle. Just waiting my radiator to come back from having a new core fitted then can test drive to see if the handling is noticeably improved.

Many thanks for great article and recommend other members to check their cars. Really is very easy and quick.
Dave in Dartford
1948 DB18/2.

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