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Bumper rechroming

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Martyn Ross
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Joined: Tue Feb 02, 2016 7:46 am

Bumper rechroming

Post by Martyn Ross »

SP 250

Do any of you wise folk out there have any recommendations for a company that will re-chrome an SP 250 front bumper at a reasonable please. I'm getting telephone quotations of £650 which is quite daft - I understand that quality comes at a cost, but.........
I'm based in North Buckinghamshire, UK.

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Re: Bumper rechroming

Post by classiclife »

Hello Martyn,

Regret to say you have answered your own question: I understand that quality comes at a cost, but..

I have used Derby Plating before and their workmanship is excellent - not the cheapest, but............... as you say !!



1968 Daimler V8-250 Saloon
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Vortex O'Plinth
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Re: Bumper rechroming

Post by Vortex O'Plinth »

I've also used Derby Plating and can echo Richards comments on both quality and price. I've also used S&T Electroplate - primarily because they're practically on my doorstep. They too do a top quality job, but I doubt they're significantly cheaper than Derby Plating - always worth ringing for an estimate/quote though.

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Re: Bumper rechroming

Post by Chris_R »

Try these folks in Alton. I had a 5 piece front bumper (for a different make of car) done by them a couple of years ago, price was £375. I would go back if and when I need something else done.

Big Col
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Re: Bumper rechroming

Post by Big Col »

Depends on where you are. Here in Leeds we have a reasonable selection to call in to and deal with.
The question is what do have to work with. Is it just a straight re chrome or a major re creation job. That can have a very different aspect relating to price. That’s why when doing chroming I like to take the piece in and talk.
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Martyn Ross
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Joined: Tue Feb 02, 2016 7:46 am

Re: Bumper rechroming

Post by Martyn Ross »

Classic, Vortex, Big Col and Chris R

Many thanks for your suggestions. Derby plating I know of, the guys in Alton are new to me, I've also unearthed two others who would do the job. Costs vary from £650 to £350, but the lead times quoted are anything from 8 weeks upwards: I guess I'm enquiring at the wrong end of the winter layoff season. As it's only a small patch of pitted chrome and doesn't show except under close examination I'm going to leave it for this year and enjoy my Daimler motoring until next winter when I'll book it in earlier.
But thanks for all your suggestions.....

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Site Admin
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Re: Bumper rechroming

Post by John-B »

What's the state of play concerning quality of chrome? I heard that the EU had banned a type of chrome that was harmful and that European companies have to use an inferior grade of material which has a shorter life. Should items be sent to China for the best quality chrome (assuming good workmanship there)?

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Re: Bumper rechroming

Post by tjt77 »

There are number of 'issues' which determine quality and cost .. first is the amount of work required to prep the parts for plating..removing dents, filling holes, and polishing out the imperfections ready for plating, all take time and skill..which adds to the price.. the 'other' factor is type of plating and thickness of the layers of the prepared part.. most bumpers were originally 'triple plated' which consists of;- a layer of copper, a layer of nickel and finally the chrome finish layer.. 'budget' platers often just put a 'flash' coat of copper and then chrome straight on top.. in UK climate this tends to start to bubble and rust within 3 -4 yrs.. triple plate, done properly, normally costs double or more than a budget job..but should outlast the rest of the car..

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