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Introduction - new owner

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Re: Introduction - new owner

Post by JT7196 »

Hi Mike, not sure why I called you Chris !!
Anyway, I may? have an Oil Filter for you , I’ll have to take a look for you and get back as soon as I can.
I wouldn’t recommend trying to flush out the old one , below is are the contact details of the company that produces an adaptor plate that allows one to use a modern Spin On type Oil Filter , which is exactly what I have on my own “Eleven”
I actually use the one as fitted to the old model on Mini,
Remember, that the “Outer “ connection is the Inlet, and the Middle is the Outlet, you may need to get a couple of adaptors to connect the Pipe work.
https://www.flexolite.co.uk/images/ul/o ... ist(1).pdf
The fact that you find the Fluid Flywheel being” Fierce “ is probably because the engine Tick over is set too high, as for Topping it up with Oil, always best to use the correct size Socket , top the oil up to the base of the Thread of the Filler Plug ,I never attempt to use just the internal Square .

Cheers Alm :D :D

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Re: Introduction - new owner

Post by Sniper »

Thanks Al, that would be very useful, I'll look in to the Flexolite adapters, I assume from that, that the original oil filters aren't available?

I'm going to have to try and risk the square in the fluid flywheel plug as the outside is round, except for a few chisel marks from previous owners attempts to remove it!



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Re: Introduction - new owner

Post by frenchy »

HI Mike,
You have got all my details, give me a ring. I would like to see the car as it will be the only "Eleven" in the area. Cheers Dave French

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Re: Introduction - new owner

Post by frenchy »

A exact copy and conversion for the original Wipac filter are available from Vintage Car Parts. It looks exactly the same but splits in the middle and contains a spin off filter. I do have an unused old stock original Wipac oil filter.
Giving the gear box a good flushing with turps or similar and refilling with new oil can help with the take up, Cheers Frenchy

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Re: Introduction - new owner

Post by grahamemmett »

Hi Mike
You’ll find the Wilson Gearbox manual on this site

Have read as it explains how to use it properly.
As already said, it’s likely that your tick over is too fast, around 600 rpm and the fluid flywheel is completely ‘disengaged’ but after 800 it begins to take up drive so you’ll get a jolt when operating the gear change pedal.

It’s been discussed at length on this forum, you can search for it - the manufacturer recommend draining the gearbox oil, refilling with paraffin and allow the engine to run at fast tickover for 5 minutes with the gearbox in neutral. This way, all the gears and particularly the bands get a wash. Then drain and refill with SAE 30. No, I didn’t believe it either but it does work.
Graham Emmett
Northwich, Cheshire
Joint DB18 Registrar (with Marcel Renshaw)
DB18 1949 LCV522 (Yes that one with the P100s)

Simon Hyslop
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Re: Introduction - new owner

Post by Simon Hyslop »

I thought at first this was a bit of a strange volte face by the new owner but then I realised it was the latest manifestation of a scam that has been going on for some time. I thought the owner might want to be aware of it in case anyone asks when they can come to see it, or worse, take it away !

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1938-Damiler ... SwzsleUBMI

P.S. Someone with a black Barker LD10 may have the same surprise as the scammer has it up for sale as well.

Norfolk Lad
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Re: Introduction - new owner

Post by Norfolk Lad »

Simon have reported it to ebay my third of the day so far surely ebay should delete all the listings of the same person. Well not happening the Lanchester 11 that is my second time i have done this one in as many weeks.

just done a check 35 pages and i gave up still has LD10 i reported this lunch time.

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