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From Classic to Heritage

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From Classic to Heritage

Post by mickeytwonames »

Pal o' mine, who is something important in the Austin Atlantic - Lagonda world, says that now there is a sneer from the snowflake generation about us driving round 'polluting cars', we need to view our role as 'not being people driving Vintage or Classic cars - but those celebrating the 'Heritage of the Automotive Industry' with vehicles who's embedded carbon footprint has long ago been written off. - Just sayin'.

Warsash 2
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Re: From Classic to Heritage

Post by Warsash 2 »

As I understand it you have to drive a car about 120K miles to produce the same amount of CO2 as is used in the manufacture of the car in the first place. So repacing cars whose production CO2 is spent actually increases the pollution in the manufacturing process for marginal reduction in running pollution. My 1967 V8 250 does 5 miles per litre slightly more than my 10 year old Jaguar Super V8 which is about 4.8 mpl. The problem with the snowflake generation and environmentalist in general is that they can only look at one thing at a time. The demand we use diesel for cars is a good example. Diesel engines are dirty after a small period of running and are the cause of the current air pollution in cities. The native Australians use to control burn the scrub but this was stopped to reduce CO2 and look what happened now.


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