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"Classics for Carers"

Ask the organiser or check a website to see if an event is cancelled or postponed.
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"Classics for Carers"

Post by JohnM »

This looks like a great idea, since today's "Drive it Day" was cancelled - have a look at the link if you've not already seen it.

Keep well all,
John M in Middlesex, NW London
1962 SP250 "B" Spec

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Re: "Classics for Carers"

Post by John-B »

That seems a good idea. I often have the car visible in the garage when the doors are left open and I watch cyclists whizzing past on training runs and the occasional jogger but the only people who stop to talk are my neighbours walking their dogs. I think I'll park my car with the nose near the road edge and see if that creates any interest.

Drive It Day today! I took my Dart out to fetch some watercress, passing by Wilton House where there should have been a supercar rally at Wilton Wake Up as I thought a few cars might go there despite the cancellation, but none were there as I expected.

Despite Drive It Day I didn't see another classic car, but yesterday two different Austin Healys I haven't seen before passed my house.

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